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"You have a great product and service. Your personable approach really sets you and your operation apart. I will definitely plan to make more regular visits, and promise to keep you in mind when considering related services for local programs and events. Best Regards," ~ Andrew Peters, Rising Stars Athletics & Education


"Dear Angela, I would like to thank you very much for your generous support of our recent Teacher/Staff Appreciation luncheon. The tea (and cups) you supplied was delicious and the lucky receiver of your gift was thrilled. I know all the teachers were very pleased with the $5.00 coupons. All the teachers and staff were talking about your shop and I am sure you have earned a new following. Because of your generosity the Teacher/Staff luncheon was a huge success. It takes a village to raise a child and the support of the whole community. We certainly received wonderful support from you and your shop. We so very much appreciate your community spirit. Thank you very much. Best regards,"  ~ Carolyn McGloin, Community Contact, Fessenden School, Ancaster


"I love the tea...! The to-go cups for the loose leaf teas are really great. Also, not being very handy in the kitchen myself, I love the fact that I can buy pre-made dinners that I can just reheat at home for my family. AND, the food is really tasty!" ~ Tosha Lord


"Thank you, Little Gourmet, for bringing so many interesting local products and delicious food into our area! The looseleaf teas are fantastic, as well as the fresh dinners!" ~ M. Leone


"As a professional coach with a busy schedule, the Little Gourmet is a great place for me to eat healthy and enjoy great food. The looseleaf teas and sausage rolls are real favourites of mine. The friendly service reminds me of the little stores that I grew up with back in Northern Ireland. Keep up the great work Angela!" ~ Ian McClurg


"Thank you Little Gourmet. Thank you for your excellent service and a great selection of healthy foods. It's great to be greeted with a friendly smile and great service. The Little Gourmet is a perfect stop over place for me on the way to and from Toronto. It's refreshing to see great people doing a great job and running their business very professionally and efficient. With such great service, great food, and a friendly smile, it only makes sense to make The Little Gourmet my regular stop over place now. Cheers to a great little business.....The Little Gourmet." ~ Rick Mercer